GUEST POST by Bristol Bay fisherman and Pride of Bristol Bay founder Matt Luck

From the editor: 

Our friends at Pride of Bristol Bay are sending shipments of sustainable, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon around the country this holiday season. AND, they're throwing in lots of perks for supporters of TU's Save Bristol Bay campaign. Order some Pride of Bristol Bay salmon and 10% will be given back to TU’s efforts, as always thanks to their generous partnership. But this holiday season, our friends at Pride of Bristol Bay have sweetened the deal in the name of conservation.
Through Dec. 15, salmon lovers can purchase with a $2/lb discount
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Without further delay, a blog post from Matt Luck...

Reflections: Bristol Bay 2017 and Beyond

Giving Thanks

Matt Luck in Bristol Bay

Matt Luck in Bristol Bay

Over a 40-year career commercial fishing in Alaska, I’ve experienced a few occasions in which I knew I was amid something very rare and very special. The Sockeye return to Bristol Bay this past summer created one of those exceptional moments in time. Stewardship, responsible management, freshwater rearing and ocean conditions combined to create a “Sockeye Perfect Storm.” From the Bristol Bay fishing fleet and our families, to the fisheries managers, resource advocates and stewards of Bristol Bay, our deepest gratitude.

We Harvest, You Enjoy!

It is so rewarding, traveling around the country every fall to our buying club locations and seeing the same faces, year after year. They come back to celebrate wild salmon, so thrilled to fill their freezer with Bristol Bay Sockeye, looking forward to wild salmon on their plates. I’m so proud to provide that gift and to constantly be referred to as “the salmon guy.”

What could possibly be more satisfying than sitting down with family and friends and savoring a meal prepared with Wild Caught Bristol Bay Sockeye. Clean pure protein, rich flavor, and heart healthy omega 3s.


Follow these links to some of our favorite recipes!

The Future…… the Dream?

Well, here is where the picture gets quite a bit more complicated. I am thrilled that in the near term the “Sockeye Storm” is forecast to continue. In 2018 over 50 million Bristol Bay Sockeye are forecast to return to the five major river systems. Today, the Bristol Bay watershed is a global treasure, an unrivaled cold-water fisheries habitat for all species.

Now the challenging part. We need to temper our enthusiasm for the near term and keep a keen eye on the future. Every stakeholder and supporter need to reconcile that we are the future of Bristol Bay. We are the element in the equation that will determine what Bristol Bay looks like decades down the road. We need to educate ourselves and our peers, stay abreast of the issues and threats.  We need to advocate for Bristol Bay with a long term resolve and continually grow global support for one of the last great places. We do this well and there will be Rainbows chasing smolt in June, Char laying on gravel bars in August and millions of Sockeye on the spawning grounds for decades to come. That is my dream.

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