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Today, former Alaska Senate President Rick Halford testified in front of the Science, Space and...

Pebble’s not taking a hint. Americans, Alaskans, and Bristol Bay residents overwhelmingly oppose...

Take Action - Protect Bristol Bay

Tell the EPA and President Obama to permanently protect commercial and sport fishing jobs worth more than $500 million a year from the Pebble Mine.

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The Bristol Bay watershed and its stunning natural resources are threatened by the largest proposed gold and copper mine in North America. Donate Nowto help stop Pebble Mine.

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You've seen them and you know you want one! So order the little sticker that could - the No Pebble Mine sticker. Where will you stick yours? Order yours today at

Clean Water Act 404c in Bristol Bay
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The Last Cast

Sportsmen Fight to Save Bristol Bay

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Bristol Bay Dispatches

In the first of our new series, "Bristol Bay Dispatches," we take you to some of the EPA hearings.

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Tom and baby Colden

Why we should Save Bristol Bay -- Tom and baby Colden, Dillingham, Alaska

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