What do YOU want to tell the President about Bristol Bay?

What would you want to say to the President about Pebble mine?

The President may be coming to Bristol Bay next month and he needs to hear what YOU think about Pebble mine.

Now is the chance to make your voice heard and help demonstrate that Bristol Bay residents, fishermen, tribes, businesses and next generations who depend on healthy water and salmon want it to stay that way.

Are you ready to share your opinion with the President? Great! Here’s how:

  • Find a quiet spot and a smart phone or computer that can record videos.
  • Grab a friend to record you, or just record a video of yourself “selfie” style.
  • State your name and hometown into the camera.
  • Record your answer to the question, “What would you say to the President about Bristol Bay or Pebble mine?”
  • Submit your completed video using one of the two options below:
    • Upload it! Using the device you created your video, go to http://bit.ly/TellthePresident. Select "upload," then select your video, when prompted, title your video #SaveBristolBay. IMPORTANT: If you upload this way you MUST add #savebristolbay as the title.
    • Email it! Reply to this email with your video attached.
  • Watch for your video to be featured on Facebook and Twitter
  • “Like” and share videos you agree with. 
  • Tell your friends to record & submit their videos too!

Thanks in advance for telling the President why we’re working so hard to protect Bristol Bay, and why we oppose Pebble mine. There are truly no voices in this fight more important than yours.
We can’t wait to see your videos!