Alaska Peninsula Corp.’s Pebble deal doesn’t reflect views of shareholders, descendants

By: Terry Mann, Renae Zackar, Greg Zackar, Alice Zackar, Martha Olympic Crow

For the Anchorage Daily News

Last month, the Pebble Limited Partnership announced it reached an agreement with Alaska Peninsula Corp., or APC, for a right-of-way over the Native corporation’s land. PLP is trying to sell the agreement as being a “big step forward for the project” and has cited it as proof that the company has support from Bristol Bay residents. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are sad to report that the current APC leadership struck this right-of-way agreement with PLP behind closed doors, and the news came as a surprise to us as shareholders and descendants, who stand with the majority of Bristol Bay in opposing this toxic project. We will not sit by silently while APC leadership and Pebble attempt to mislead the public into thinking the people in the region now support the Pebble Project.

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