A shopper’s guide to supporting Bristol Bay

At a time when Pebble is pushing hard to become a reality in Bristol Bay, anglers, commercial fishermen, tribes, and supporters across the country have been stepping up to push back and help ensure that the fish and people of the region are protected from this disastrous proposal.  

While writing and calling our Senators is the most important thing we can do right now to stop Pebble, supporting the Save Bristol Bay coalition financially gives us a huge boost in our coordinated and strategic methods for halting this mine proposal.  

Luckily, our generous partners have shared their products, art and time in ways that gets you unique items, and that gives back to the effort to stop Pebble and protect Bristol Bay. Check out what our friends are doing to help stop Pebble, and consider supporting them today! 

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  • Wild for Salmon and Pride of Bristol Bay. Put your money where your mouth is-literally. Wild for Salmon and Pride of Bristol Bay catch, package and ship wild Alaskan sockeye salmon and other seafood across the country, and are “wildly devoted,” meaning 1% of their proceeds are returned to helping save Bristol Bay. Check out buying clubs and direct to door options.  

  • Rep Your Water. Caps that give back- Rep Your Water’s No Pebble Mine hat donates 50% of the proceeds to sportsmen’s efforts to stop Pebble.  

  • Salmon Sisters. Partnering with Rep Your Water, commercial fishing sisters Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton have created gear inspired by their experiences fishing Bristol Bay waters. 1% of proceeds from their hats are donated to the Save Bristol Bay campaign.  

  • We Buy Gold. Don’t be confused by their name- our friends on the East Coast have created a special Save Bristol Bay pennant that would hang well in a college dorm room or your fly shop walls. Net proceeds from the pennant are being returned to Trout Unlimited’s efforts to stop Pebble.  

  • Omaze. Interested in winning a 4-day, all expenses paid fishing trip to Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge in Bristol Bay? Omaze coordinated a giveaway that gives back- donations get you more contest entries, and donations come back to Trout Unlimited’s Bristol Bay efforts.  

We’re grateful for the support from these businesses and YOU for sticking with us. We’re in this until Bristol Bay is protected from pebble – may has well get some sweet gear and tasty meals while we’re at it!