Fish Democracy Podcast

This podcast titled, Fish Democracy: A Story about the Salmon of Bristol Bay, a Copper Deposit, and a Choice Faced by the People of the Great State of Alaska , was recently produced by Homer fisheries advocate, Penelope Haas. There are two 30 minute episodes. Here’s what Penelope has to say about the podcast:

Commercial fisheries have been a cornerstone of Alaskan culture since well before statehood. They are the basis for small businesses from fishing boats, to gear hangers, to welders, to electricians and processors. Wild salmon are part of Alaskans’ identity and culture–demanding that we use our ingenuity, passion, and stubbornness to meet all that nature can throw at us, and then cook up a world-class meal at the end of the day. With the proposed Pebble mine again seeking permits to develop mineral deposits at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, we have to ask, what would Alaska be if we lost our largest wild salmon run? 

Give it a listen!  


Header photo by FlyOut Media