Alaskans: your voice is needed!

For us Alaskans who do not want to see the proposed Pebble mine move forward in Bristol Bay, there will be many times we’ll need to step up this year to stop the project from advancing. The first of these opportunities is tomorrow. 

Governor Dunleavy has appointed a very PRO-Pebble Alaskan, Jason Brune, to be the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). If confirmed, Mr. Brune would be in charge of issuing and enforcing numerous key permits for the Pebble mine.

Mr. Brune has a long history working with Pebble. He was the head of public affairs and governmental relations for Anglo American, a former partner in the Pebble Mine project, and has also been the executive director for the Resource Development Council, a major in-state advocate for Pebble’s advancement. He has given repeated pro-Pebble public testimony, and posted numerous supportive statements on his personal twitter and facebook accounts (more than 100 times since 2014).

brune pumpkin.png

Together, this tells us he’s already made up his mind on the project and cannot impartially consider the facts, science, and the will of Alaskans. Because of this, he should not be appointed to the post of commissioner of the Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

Please do one or both of the following to help stop Mr. Brune’s confirmation:

  1. Sign the petition against Mr. Brune's confirmation to DEC. We'll deliver the list of signers to Senate Resources committee members in advance of a hearing considering Mr. Brune's nomination tomorrow.

  2. Attend or call-in to the hearing to testify in opposition to Mr. Brune becoming the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

    1. The hearing will be TOMORROW, Jan. 25, at 3:30

    2. You can attend in person in Juneau in the BUTROVICH 205 room at the capitol. If in person: make sure to sign up to testify when you arrive

    3. Or on the phone. For those in Juneau: (907) 586-9085; In Anchorage dial: (907) 563-9085; Or toll-free outside Juneau and Anchorage: 1 (844) 586-9085.

    4. What to say: feel free to keep your testimony short and simple.

      1. Briefly state why protecting Bristol Bay from Pebble mine is important to you/Alaska.

      2. State that appointing an individual who will be biased in his review of the science of Pebble’s proposal should not oversee issuing key permits.

      3. Tell members of the committee that Jason Brune should not be appointed as the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

      4. You can learn more about Mr. Brune here.

Thank you in advance for your help with these two items!