Pebble's mining plan is disastrous for Bristol Bay salmon

We've gotten a glimpse at Pebble's phase one mining plan and, surprise to no one, it will NOT protect the wild salmon and fishing opportunity in the region. 

Click here for a short overview of what's being proposed and then click here to take action!

Pebble's application shows plans to...

  • Mine a 1-mile-wide and quarter-mile deep pit;

  • Destroy over 3,000 acres of wetlands and more than 21 miles of salmon streams at the mine site located in the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s world-class salmon run (plus destroy at least an additional 1,000 acres of wetlands and impact hundreds of streams from the road and pipeline);

  • Construct a massive tailings storage facility, treatment ponds, and associated dams and embankments blocking and inundating salmon streams;

  • Construct a private two-lane 83-mile-long road with more than 200 stream crossings and 8 large bridges;

  • Develop an ice-breaker barge system across Lake Iliamna with two lakeside terminals;

  • Develop a private and large Port facility on Cook Inlet near salmon streams and extending more than 4 miles into the inlet waters and known habitat for sea otters, beluga whales, humpback whales, and seals;

  • Build and operate a 230-megawatt power plant (with two additional 2mw plants at the port) approximately 15 miles upwind from Lake Clark National Park;

  • Lay a 188-mile-long natural gas pipeline over land and under the Cook Inlet and Iliamna Lake;

  • At closure, backhaul the 1.1 billion tons of tailings waste into the pit, to be monitored and maintained in perpetuity.

  • The mine and supporting facilities are currently proposed to run continuously for 20 years.