Common misconceptions on Ballot Measure 1

Polls in Alaska are open, with 7 days left to vote. There continues to be a lot of false information out there on Ballot Measure 1, which we want to take a moment to clear up.

Before we get going, if you’re unsure who to trust (maybe even including us!), we encourage you to read it for yourself.

If you do trust our scientific and legal experts (and we hope you do) here’s the summary: Ballot Measure 1 puts Alaskans in charge of one of our most precious resources -- wild salmon. A YES on 1 vote is a vote to protect our Alaskan way of life, and to help stop Pebble Mine from destroying Bristol Bay.

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Pebble has been a major funder of the opposition campaign, and we know they don’t have Alaska’s interests at heart. At this point, they will say and do anything to stop Measure 1.

Because of this, it's important to know the facts:

Outdoor access: Measure 1 is backed by dozens of guides, outfitters and lodges in Bristol Bay and across the state. As hunters and anglers, there is no way they would support something that restricts access to our fish and wildlife resources. Passing Measure 1 does NOT restrict outdoor access for fishing and hunting in Alaska. You do NOT currently need a fish habitat permit for fishing, hunting, rafting, float plane landing, or other outdoor activities - Measure 1 will not change that. Four-wheeling and stream crossing requirements DON’T change under Measure 1. (If passed, ADF&G retains the ability to issue general permits for regions, which it commonly uses to authorize stream crossings by ATVs without requiring each person to get an individual permit.)

Subsistence hunting and fishing: You do NOT need a fish habitat permit for berry picking, subsistence fishing, or hunting. Measure 1 will not change that. Measure 1 will NOT prevent access to subsistence lands and waters – you do not need new permits for rural travel.

Commercial fishing: Measure 1 has been backed by almost 200 fishing businesses and boats across the state. Measure 1 has nothing to do with who gets to fish or how many fish you can catch. You do NOT need a fish habitat permit for commercial fishing; Measure 1 will not change that.

Rural and small infrastructure projects: Dozens of tribal councils across the state support Ballot Measure 1. It will NOT shut down much needed community infrastructure projects --sewer and water facilities, roads and airports. The same activities and projects that require a permit under the current law will also require a permit under Ballot Measure 1. Measure 1 ensures that these projects will be built in a way that protects salmon for future generations.

Instead, a YES vote ensures that Alaska salmon are adequately protected for future generations by defining clear, consistent rules for salmon habitat protections. For the first time, it will also require the State take our voices into account on major salmon habitat permits. Please join us in voting YES for Ballot Measure 1.

You can vote early now or on election day on Nov. 6. CLICK HERE for more information on when and where to vote! Remember, if you applied for a PFD this year, you are registered to vote!

See you at the polls!

Paid for by Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program, Anchorage, AK. Nelli Williams Alaska Director, approved this message. Top three donors to TU’s Alaska Fish Habitat Initiative Fund are Dan Michels, Wasilla, AK; Alaska Fishing Unlimited, Port Alsworth, AK; and Josh Grieser, Anchorage, AK