Sportsman's Conservation Challenge: seeing this through to the end.

By: Nelli Williams

There is no place like Bristol Bay.

The stunning runs of salmon, the cultures, the beauty and of course, the fishing. They're unique, magnificent, and unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Photo by Keenan Troll

Photo by Keenan Troll

When I think about the possibility of Pebble Mine destroying Bristol Bay’s salmon and trout rivers, it puts a pit in my stomach. Truly the response is visceral. If you’ve been to Bristol Bay, you likely know the feeling.

Luckily, I’ve gotten to enjoy the opposite reaction many times over the past few years. With every step closer we get to protecting Bristol Bay, the more that pit lessons and I celebrate, and look forward to the day I don’t have to worry about it any more.

Photo by Alaska Fly Out

Photo by Alaska Fly Out

Unfortunately, that day has not yet come. Pebble is still trying to build this mine. They are fundraising and pulling out all the stakes so that they can move forward. 

So, we need to do the same.

In this light, I recently contributed to the fight to protect Bristol Bay and am asking you to do the same. You can make a donation today by clicking here.

Rest assured, when you donate your money will be put to good use - employing leading scientists, legal advisors and organizers who are all working together - passionately and enthusiastically - to ensure that Pebble Mine will never be built in Bristol Bay. What's more, when you donate before the end of next month, your contribution will be doubled!

Without the support you have given - whether financially, word of mouth, or taking action, there may very well be shovels in the ground now.

But there aren’t.

Just as Pebble continues to try to build, we need to match them in opposition. When we continue to do so, we feel confident that we can win.

Please join me in continuing to fight for Bristol Bay. Click here to donate now. 

Nelli Williams is the Director of the Alaska Program of Trout Unlimited.