Pebble Mine is Not Dead... Yet

On Facebook we recently asked everyone to take a moment to tell their elected leaders that you [still] do not support Pebble Mine. In response, we've seen a number of questions to the tune of, "Wait? I thought Pebble Mine was dead?"

It's not a bad question and we're glad you asked!

Unfortunately, the answer is still no, Pebble Mine is NOT dead yet. We still need YOU to hang in there with us.

Together, we've made incredible strides at halting this egregious project even though the industry has millions of dollars they are willing to throw at it to see that Pebble Mine gets built. 

Here's a quick summary of what is going on and why we're not ready to claim victory yet:

The protections we have requested from the U.S. EPA to protect Bristol Bay moved forward this summer with the release of the Recommended Determination, but there are still a few more steps in that process before those protections can be finalized. Unfortunately, the EPA is temporarily stalled from finalizing the protections due to the lawsuit brought on by Pebble Limited Partnership. We don't expect the lawsuit to stand, but it is still disheartening that Pebble could file a poorly-worded and confusing lawsuit to intentionally delay the protections that thousands of Alaskans and Americans requested... and for now, it's working. 

Meanwhile, the delay opens the possibility for attacks to the EPA's process to protect Bristol Bay by the newly Republican-controlled Congress. Namely, a bill sponsored by two Lower 48 Senators and co-signed by Alaska's Sen. Murkowski last session (called SB 2156) would do just that. We expect the bill to be reintroduced this upcoming legislative session. This is why it is very important to use the link to tell your elected leaders that you (still) do not support Pebble Mine

We will keep you posted about any news regarding the lawsuits and the Senate bill(s) to threaten Bristol Bay protections. And, we'll continue to call on you for help to ensure our voice is heard loud and clear: Pebble Mine has NO place in Bristol Bay!

It has been a long process and we are close, but not there. Thank you for sticking with us and spreading the word that we need to see this one through! 

-SBB Team

P.S. Always feel free to ask any questions about this process in the comments or on Facebook!