FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tribes, business owners, fishermen flood public hearing

ANCHORAGE, AK - At the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hearing in Anchorage today, 81 of 123 testifiers spoke in opposition to the Pebble mine plan and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, with dozens of people remaining to testify at the end of the hearing. Throughout the day, individuals, businesses and organizations opposed to the mine issued the following statements: 

Opinion: Alaska can’t afford careless oversight of mines

It’s a recurring theme with Pebble Mine these days: Paid Pebble Limited Partnership lobbyist’s being appointed to head environmental protection agencies at both the state and federal levels. From where I sit in Bristol Bay, I’m feeling like the interests of myself and other Alaskans are not going to be accounted for when these former Pebble employees, now government officials, get out their pens to sign off on state and federal permits for Pebble.