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Alaskans say No to Pebble mine.

Submitting a official comment to the Army Corps of Engineers is the best way to tell them you are opposed to Pebble. Comment now, then spread the word.


Get the facts

The rivers and streams of Bristol Bay provide over 14,000 American jobs, which will continue as long as the fishery remains protected. The region is also known by anglers around the globe as some of the greatest, and among the last exceptionally productive wild salmon streams remaining on earth, bringing in $90 Million in tax revenue to the state and supplying an additional 1,000 fish-based jobs.

The massive mine proposal is currently advancing and science clearly demonstrates its direct and permanent threat to the thriving and irreplaceable salmon-based economy of the region. The Army Corps of Engineers released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement at the end of February, and what we have found inside the document is incomplete, unscientific, and unacceptable. It fails to make Pebble answer major questions about how their project will operate, ignores the near-certainty the project will expand in the future, and overlooks the possibility of a catastrophic failure.

Pebble must answer basic questions about how they will mine, the ultimate size and scale of the project, whether it is even economically viable, and how they plan to protect wild salmon, people, water, and fish-based jobs in Bristol Bay. Without that information, the only reasonable path forward is for the Corps to throw out this DEIS. It is imperative that we tell the Army Corps this at the hearing on Tuesday, and to submit this in your comments.

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