Huffman amendment checks a rushed and flawed review process

Despite over a decade of opposition, the agency reviewing the permit application for the massive proposed Pebble mine is rushing this mega-project toward reality. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) released by the Army Corps of Engineers is the most important document of the permitting process. Unfortunately, the DEIS fails to account for all the mine’s potential impacts, leaving Bristol Bay in immediate jeopardy 

Congress is considering an amendment that would stop the permitting process- please support it today. Click here to comment.  

Last week, Representative Jared Huffman (CA) introduced an amendment to the House Energy and Water Appropriations bill that would stop the permitting process for Pebble. If passed, the amendment would prevent the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from using further funding to review the critical Clean Water Act 404 permit application for the mine.  

 So far, the permit review process and flawed assessment leaves Alaskans filled with skepticism in the wake of recent environmental disasters associated with largescale tailings pond failures, and as the DEIS findings include permanent destruction of more than 80 miles of streams and 3,500 acres of wetlands, at a minimum. What's more, the current permit application considers only Pebble’s phase one plan. Risks posed by the entire project have yet to be fully evaluated, though the mine is closer than ever to becoming a reality.    

Alaskans have been overwhelmingly vocal and clear in saying that Bristol Bay is the wrong place for Pebble mine, and that the DEIS is inadequate in addressing the risks Pebble brings to the region. Alaska’s decision-makers have yet to meaningfully weigh in to Alaskan concerns with the permit process, and thus far, are standing by while Pebble moves closer to turning Bristol Bay into an industrial mining district.  

Luckily, others are watching. Decision makers in D.C. are stepping up. Next week, the House of Representatives will vote on the bill that could check the process that is fast-tracking Pebble. For this to pass, members of Congress need to know that people across the country agree that a massive mine in Bristol Bay should be held to the highest standard for review possible in order to protect the fish and fish-based industries that are thriving here.  

 Join us today in calling on our representatives to vote YES on the Huffman amendment when it comes to the floor next week. This is a critical opportunity to stop Pebble’s key permit from moving forward. It requires everyone, no matter if you’re a commercial fisherman, an avid sport angler, or just generally care about people and one of the most unique and productive landscapes on the planet to use your voice, and stop the faulty permitting process for the proposed Pebble mine. Thank you.