Heard at the hearings: Part 3

Part 3: We heard lots of powerful testimony at the EPA hearings this summer. Hundreds of Alaskans spoke up to share with the EPA why they do not support mines like Pebble in Bristol Bay.

We created this video with some pieces of testimony, but there is so much more we wanted to share with you. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be featuring testimony from a number of Alaskan voices on what saving Bristol Bay means to them.


Nanci Morris Lyon, Bear Trail Lodge

"I'm Nanci Morris Lyon. I thank you guys for coming here. I actually live in the community of King Salmon, and I happen to be here because I'm also the lead instructor for the Bristol Bay Guide Academy. And I just wanted to also thank you guys for conducting these hearings. I'm really enjoying them this week. And I really appreciate the opportunity. I'm the lodge owner of Bear Trail Lodge down in King Salmon, Alaska in Bristol Bay. I live in King Salmon, year-round, and I'm just here as a visitor. And I understand that, but I'm disappointed that we didn't get a hearing opportunity down there, as well. We are a large community, and we do have interests up here, as well. 

I established my guide business 30 years ago in Bristol Bay, and I've seen a lot of change. Some of it has been good and some of it I didn't really like. But the changes of adding Pebble to the landscape would be difficult for me to survive as a business in the guide industry. With helicopters flying overhead, big trucks rumbling over the once silent tundra and many, many more small mine developments springing up around the area would make it very difficult for my clients to enjoy what they come to see today. They come to enjoy pristine fisheries, beautiful wildlife, untouched landscape, and none of those fit together. 

I think it was proven last week with the Mount Polley disaster that even the highest quality, most studied and carefully designed tailings ponds can fail and create a disaster to the environment that may be beyond fixing. The science is clear. There is no safe compatibility with Pebble and Bristol Bay. 

Please move forward with the 404(c) process. Pebble is just the wrong mine in the wrong place. Thank you."