Trout Magazine and Video Feature New Salmon Research in Bristol Bay

Trout Magazine has an article and a video in the Spring 2010 issue that features the work of fisheries biologist Sarah O'Neal, who spent last summer documenting the presence of juvenile salmon in the Bristol Bay watershed. Many anadromous streams and rivers in Alaska are undocumented, meaning that while they're thought to contain salmon, they're not on the official list called the Anadromous Waters Catalogue. Once a water body is in the catalogue it receives more protection from development that it otherwise would. O'Neal, whose research was funded by Trout Unlimited, hopes that by documenting streams and rivers near the Pebble deposit, it will enhance the conservation of these important salmon-bearing waterways that feed Bristol Bay. To date, O'Neal and her supervisor, Carol Ann Woody, PhD., have found young salmon in 92 miles of previously undocumented streams near where the Pebble mine would be built.