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As I stood on the sidewalk in the rain alongside dozens of others and watched the Presidential motorcade drive through downtown Dillingham my heart swelled with pride, thankfulness and wonder. 

One Lucky Day in Bristol Bay
By: Katherine Carscallen

Dillingham, Bristol Bay, Alaska – It’s not out of the ordinary, the Dillingham flight back to Anchorage canceled. This time it turned out to be an unexpected source of pleasure, an opportunity to reflect on the incredible events of the previous 24 hours. Life happens fast. The fishing seasons pile up. The purpose of meetings are blurred by time, words scribbled in a notebook. The latest event or front page story quickly becoming yesterday’s news. Yes, getting another “day in the Bay” was a gift.

For President Obama his visit to Dillingham was another day on the job of leading the free world.  It fit right into his job description of staying up to speed and making decisions on the most pressing issues, concerns and opportunities for American people.  For those of us who fish salmon in Alaska and the residents of the Bristol Bay watershed, the President’s visit was nothing less than extraordinary! For that day the global news focused on our industry, jobs, way of life and dependence on the bounty of Wild Alaskan Salmon.

President Obama in Dillingham, Alaska

Pictured: President Obama addresses the crowd in Dillingham Middle School. Photo from AP


We are thrilled that the President is coming to Dillingham this week to listen to concerns of fishermen about Pebble mine. 

What would you want to tell the President about Pebble mine?

The President is coming to Bristol Bay next week and he needs to hear what YOU think about Pebble mine.

Now is the chance to make your voice heard and help demonstrate that Bristol Bay residents, fishermen, tribes, businesses and next generations who depend on healthy water and salmon want it to stay that way.

Are you ready to share your opinion with the President? Great! Here’s how:

Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program is seeking a part-time Communications intern who will use his or her skills to help protect Alaska’s salmon and trout rivers. 

As a member of the organization’s communications team, you’ll be charged with assisting in promoting the organization, our campaign work and events both in traditional and social media. 
Duties include:

  • Writing and editing outreach and development materials  

June 4, 2015

Tim Bristol, Trout Unlimited Alaska Program Manager, (907) 321-3291 or

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