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Last week, over the course of seven public hearings, Alaskans' message to the EPA was crystal clear: finalize the determination and protect Bristol Bay. In fact, nearly 1,000 Alaskans attended and 3 out of 4 spoke in favor of protecting Bristol Bay.


August 20, 2014

Tim Bristol, Trout Unlimited Alaska Program Manager
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Alaskans speak in support of EPA protections for Bristol Bay

If you've asked yourself this question, or any other questions about the fight over Pebble Mine, this is the video for you.

Steelbird Productions does an artful job of explaining the threats posed to Bristol Bay by the Pebble Mine, what happened when Alaskans asked the State and then, when nothing came of their requests, the EPA to hear their case. It also shows just how unique a place Bristol Bay, Alaska really is. 


Help Protect Bristol Bay in 4 Steps:

We're preparing to welcome the EPA to Anchorage and then the Bristol Bay region next week, and are encouraged to see comments rolling in across the country in order to protect wild salmon from large-scale mining. If you have not yet done so, please tell the EPA to issue protections for Bristol Bay, Alaska by clicking here.
In the meantime, here is the next of our, "Voices from Bristol Bay" series to show you just how magical of a place this is.

We're excited about the building momentum to protect Bristol Bay up here in Alaska! The EPA comment period to gain public input on proposed protections for mining in Bristol Bay is underway and the hearings are on the horizon. If you have not commented, please do so here.

In the meantime, we wanted to highlight a few voices from the Bay to encourage you to weigh in and protect one of the last wild salmon runs in the world. 

As you may have seen, the EPA released its proposed determination to protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine last Friday. More specifically, they propose to place restrictions on the impacts of large-scale mining of the Pebble deposit in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This is great news!

We are very excited to share the news that the EPA today released its proposed determination for how to best protect Bristol Bay's vast salmon-based resources from large-scale development of the Pebble deposit. Hooray! This doesn't mean the fight is won, but it brings us much closer to protecting Bristol Bay salmon.

Pictured left: The blessing of the 2014 Fleet in Dillingham, AK. Photo by Dave Bendinger.

Alaskan summer is officially in full swing. The summer solstice has recently come and gone, and with nearly 24 hours of light and the fish biting, it doesn't get much better than this.