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Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program is seeking a part-time Communications intern who will use his or her skills to help protect Alaska’s salmon and trout rivers. 

As a member of the organization’s communications team, you’ll be charged with assisting in promoting the organization, our campaign work and events both in traditional and social media. 
Duties include:

  • Writing and editing outreach and development materials  

June 4, 2015

Tim Bristol, Trout Unlimited Alaska Program Manager, (907) 321-3291 or

Lawsuit delays EPA protections, Alaskans frustrated
Sportsmen frustrated with temporary success of Pebble's delay tactics for protections to Bristol Bay's world-class fishery

There is nothing like fresh, wild-caught Alaskan salmon. 

I learned this firsthand after moving to Alaska a couple of years ago. Coming from the midwest, I'd occasionally splurge on a fillet of grocery store salmon (wild Alaskan... whenever possible). I have always enjoyed the richness, flavor and health benefits. But I really didn't know what I was missing until I came up here.

May 28, 2015
Tim Bristol, Director of Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program (907) 321-3291

Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program releases statement regarding Pebble Limited Partnership’s series of delay-tactic lawsuits

First case dismissed, Judge considers the merits of a second case

Big Bows… and Slobbering Lake Monsters

By Nelli Williams

Oh, how, I hope he loves this.

The rain-laden wind whipped my face. My hands, gripping a steaming mug of tea were ice. My three-year old, with his face buried in my chest, giggled with uncontrollable glee as my husband sped the boat around a bend toward the lake.

It has never been so clear that our minds are made up when it comes to Pebbleas when  The Breach film toured the state late last month. 

Commercial salmon fishermen, tribal representatives, sport anglers and salmon lovers are coming together across the southern part of the State for the Alaska premiere of the award-winning film, The Breach. The first event is 8:00 p.m., THIS Thursday, Feb. 19 at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub in Anchorage. 

Florida-based artist, Kelly Tracht, has graciously offered to sell her colorful sockeye art with the proceeds going to the Save Bristol Bay campaign. 

We asked Kelly why she was inspired to protect Bristol Bay. Here's what she had to say: 

January 22, 2015

Contact: Tim Bristol, Alaska Program Manager, Trout Unlimited (907) 321-3291


Outside Senators’ Clean Water Act proposal threatens Bristol Bay salmon, culture, jobs

Two Lower 48 Senators to introduce bill that would negate protections for Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine.