Bristol Bay in the News December 12, 2011

Charles Pierce of Esquire magazine’s politics blogs brings witty sarcasm to his recent discovery of the Pebble project. In a piece titled, “The Underground Mine that shouldn’t be Built,” Pierce writes: “The mining companies, of course, pinky-swear their dams will be indestructible. And did I mention that these dams will be built in an earthquake zone, which is no big deal, because Alaska never has problems with those?”

Brian O’Keefe, a renowned sport fisherman from Bend, Ore., wrote an op-ed in The Bend Bulletin, explaining Oregonians’ ties to Bristol Bay and why they’re invested in saving it. In this excerpt, he  describes the unprecedented unity in the fishing community to protect Bristol Bay: “While there are some disagreements over fish policy here in Oregon between commercial and sport fishermen, both commercial and sport fisherman depend on Bristol Bay and there is no disagreement that this priceless place must be saved. That is why both sides have joined together to fight for Bristol Bay and their livelihoods.”

And, people continue expressing their opposition to Pebble Mine in letters to the editor around the country, including an eloquent one from Astoria, Ore., that describes a four-generation fishing family.

Here’s a weekly roundup of media.

The Underground Mine that shouldn’t be Built (Also: Palin)
Charles P. Pierce
Sometimes, a story just reaches up and causes your gob to be smacked with a sound that can be heard six blocks away. Until this morning, I hadn't heard a word about the proposed Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska. The project is a colossal one…Click here to read more

Oregonians have stake in Bristol Bay – Pebble Mine fight
Brian O’Keefe
The Bend Bulletin
I’ve had the great fortune to have fished all over the world — in salt water, fresh water, tropical zones, cold water and everything in between. What started as a 30-plus year career traveling to exotic places with rod and camera began in Bristol Bay, Alaska — where I first traveled in 1975, then guided for a few years starting in 1979…Click here to read more

Letters: Salmon  or Mining?
Lisa Tarabochia Clement
The Daily Astorian
Each June, close to 100 of my family members from Oregon, Washington and California depart for Bristol Bay, Alaska, as they have for 150 years, to fish another season in the greatest fishery in the world. I am from a fourth-generation Oregon commercial fishing family whose livelihood is dependent on the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon…Click here to read more

Pebble Mine: a statewide issue
Shirley Forquer
Homer News
I beg to differ with your office stating that Bristol Bay is a "local area." It covers hundreds of square miles and thousands of people. This comment is in reference to your press aide's (Sharon Leighow) response to a question concerning your lawsuit against the Lake and Peninsula Borough initiative to stop further development of huge scale mining…Click here to read more

Help save Bristol Bay
Kaitlin Parker, Anchorage
Juneau Empire
I am a second-generation commercial fisherwoman in the waters of Bristol Bay; home to the largest sockeye salmon run in the world. Since I started fishing as a young girl, Bristol Bay has taught me valuable life lessons of determination, hard work, gratitude, love, and loss…Click here to read more

What is happening with the 2011 Most Endangered Rivers?
Jessie Thomas-Bates
American Rivers
Each spring American Rivers releases our top ten list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®.  It is a day full of both angst and hope.  Of course, no river really wants to have the dubious distinction of being under such a great threat as to make “the list”…Click here to read more